Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Online Gaming with Eternal Lands

Note: I wrote this entry while I was still playing Eternal Lands. I have recently stopped playing, but I thought I should share my thoughts anyway.

For the past few months, I have been spending time in a free online role playing game - Eternal Lands. The game allows "player kill", but only on certain maps or certain areas, and you receive a warning message before you enter these areas. I haven't joined a guild yet, and the game doesn't force you to do so. All-in-all, I like it, although it could use a lot more quests (I'm working on submitting a few ideas).

I have a few tips for new players. First, concentrate on fighting and building up will at least to 12 first, then start building physique. Do not add to ANY OTHER attributes EVER. Only add pairs of "pick points" to attributes, as odd values are wasted. Don't take any negative perks until you have reached level 25. I would advise against taking any positive perks as well. I took the artificer perk, and I made about 8 enhanced fire essences then after another update NONE. Start working on your chosen skill - alchemy, potion making, manufacturing, fighting, etc. as soon as you can manage to do so. Since the game is not class-based, be sure to learn the healing spell and potion making too. Make the lowest level red and blue potions predominantly since you can recycle your vials.

Specific tips:
1. Make "Matter Essence" in Crystal Caves, wear a "Fast Regeneration Cloak" and cast the shield spell as you go.
2. Get an Excavator's cloak as soon as you can afford one.
3. Buy any book that is a "Monster Drop" on the market channel or through the forums.
4. Make "Energy Essence" in Crystal Caves using the flowers north of the cave.
5. Always bring a few raw materials when gathering a resource, so you can create essences and carry more to storage. For example, carry 20 red roses and 20 snapdragons when mining sulfur, then mix fire essences and eat vegetables as you mine.


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