Thursday, April 26, 2007

I won 2 fandango tickets

I know this entry is off-topic, but yesterday was pretty amazing. A co-worker told me about Blingo, and I signed up last month. Blingo is a search engine that uses Google's database for results, but as you search, you have a chance to win something. Blingo has "Thousand Dollar Thursdays" and sometimes they even give away an automobile! So yesterday I was trying to figure out why my ABit A8N SLI Fatality motherboard was crashing Windows XP since I added a SATA hard drive and a DVD burner. While I was searching, I won a Fandango movie ticket! That was cool, but I kept searching, and found that I needed to turn off the "[x] Let BIOS decide" option, and then turn off Command Queuing. So 30 minutes later, I did a different search and won again! That is 2 wins in a row! On the side panel, it lists who won what, and it showed me twice. The co-worker who referred me was ecstatic, as he has never won anything on Blingo so far. I use Firefox, and I like a clean look to my browser, so I was glad they have a search engine plug-in. Try it, you'll like it.

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