Saturday, August 30, 2008

The pains of brower page refresh

I like to play Chess sometimes, and I like the MKGI Chess Club. It is great for guys like me who do not have time to play a complete game in one sitting. The site uses a "postal chess" model, where I can play a move in several games, then wait for my opponent to move, or go on with my day, and check later or the next day.

The site has an unfortunate quirk. It allows you to write notes about the game, but if it is the opponent's turn, the game page has a 30 second refresh. It is <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30" >. I tried deleting this from the page using Grease Monkey (an HTML rewriting tool for FireFox), but even after I remove the element, the refresh occurs. So finally, I go into FireFox's about:config and type refresh in the finder. There is "accessibility.blockautorefresh"! So now, I get a notice that the page wants to refresh, instead of losing my notes!

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