Monday, October 03, 2005


Hi! I am a computer programmer, working for the last few years with C# and Vb on .Net 1.x and Windows. At prior jobs, I have written Java, FoxPro for Windows, MFC, C, Visual Basic and Fortran. I have more experience with SQLServer 7 and 2000 than with any other database, writing huge stored procedures for invoicing, etc. Recently, I have started looking at Ruby and Rails, and I intend to comment on my experiences as they occur.

I am starting a blog so I can "give some back" to the various communities that I am learning from.
I will mostly write about Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL 4x and 5.x, Ubuntu Linux,, and more, but I am always studying on some new topic, so who knows!.

Since this is my first post, it will probably change over time. I am always studying on a new hobby or a new programming topic!

I've decided to split my blog posts, keeping this one for programming topics only.
Check out Bees In Oklahoma or Forging Fun (my blacksmithing blog) if you're interested in my hobbies.


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