Friday, October 07, 2005

Ruby On Rails (Resources)

Here are some links that I consider essential to working with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby On Rails
Ruby Code Snippets
What is Ruby on Rails

I have Rails running on Win32 and Ubuntu Linux (Breezy) so far, with MS SqlServer and MySQL as back-end databases. I just wish Ruby and Debian developers could come to a conclusion about package management between apt-get and gem. The debian team wants to package up each gem so they can control the location of C interface libraries. Of course, we sacrifice timely access to updated gems, but that is no different than any other package. Personally, I have un-installed the apt-get managed versions of all ruby packages including rails and rake, and installed them through gem install. Someday I need to

If you want to try out the bleeding edge of Ruby on Rails, download and install the Subversion source control system, then pull down the rails source into your application's vendor directory. Speaking of Edge Rails, I noticed that it supports a plugin system, so we can write mixins that add functionality to ActiveRecords, etc.


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