Friday, March 16, 2007

HTML Help on .Net

As I have said before, I am developing with Visual Studio 2005 on .Net 2.0. This summer, I will be creating an application with integrated html help. Of course, my first inclination is to refresh my knowledge of help systems by acquiring Microsoft's HTML Help SDK. The HTML Help Workshop looks like it will do light project management, and it even has an image cropping and screen capture program called "Flash". I did not see any full downloadable examples in the MSDN Help SDK area, but they had a link to the Help Wiki. If you browse through the wiki, you will find some good (but dated) help info about C#. DotNetJunkies has a nice step-by-step c# example for integrating help after you have a compiled help file. I am thankful that my application uses .Net 2.0, as .Net 1.x did not have much support for help systems. The .Net 2.0 HelpProvider seems like it will be very useful (here is a tutorial.

HTML Help Tidbit: Your help system can be thought of as a self-contained static web site, with Default.htm as your home page.

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